The Electrical Penetrations ensure the passage of all types of cables through the containment wall, maintaining the integrity of the seal in all cases of operation (normal or accidental) while simultaneously ensuring the continuity of the electrical circuits.


– Double sealing barrier with continuous sealing control
– Modular design
Original "shrinkage" technology for the production of conductive modules
– High capacity conductive modules
– Special conductors modules
– Assembly of conductive modules on a container or on a flange, using metal fittings
– Flexibility to modify the composition of the electrical penetration, including on site
– Entirely prefabricated and checked in factory

Conception traversées électriques

Adaptable to all types of containment enclosures

interface aisée cable site

Easy interface with site cables

The assembly of conductive modules in the bushing give the position of the connection methods.

IST France has 3D modeling software for routing conductors in the bushing.

This design tool simplifies exchanges with the customer for connections and possible modifications on site. It makes possible to keep the complete physical history of the wiring of the bushings.


IST France Assembled Electrical Bushings are qualified to ensure their function for 40 or 60 years, under normal or accidental operating conditions, including “Severe Accident”.

The IST France Assembled Electrical Bushings have been the subject of numerous tests and complete qualification campaigns within the framework of the PWR 900 – 1300 MW nuclear power plants and EPR.
IST France conducts the qualifications and draws up the necessary Reports and Analysis Notes.

Les types de traversées électriques

Les modules de conducteurs spéciaux

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Electrical Penetrations installed in 150 nuclear power plants worldwide
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Conductive modules produced
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Cabinets installed in 30 nuclear power plants around the world
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Alarm cards created


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