In case of a Severe Accident due to the melting of the reactor core, the transmission of critical information can no longer be ensured by the organic cables because of the very high temperature and the high level of radiation. 

Special links, with mineral insulated cable, have been developed as well as connectors and electrical penetrations modules to perform these functions.

The “Severe Accident” Line is a global concept, including various components, ensuring the transmission of electrical signals from a sensor located inside the containment to the control room.

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Module de traversée électrique

An electrical bushing module with mineral insulated conductors

The mineral insulated cables are equipped with “A.G” hermetic connectors on the inside of the enclosure.

A "CIMGRIP" jumper cable

For electrical signals transmission, with “A.G” hermetic connectors integrated at each end (Max length: 80 m).

A hermetic “A.G” connector base

Connector base to be welded on the sensor.

“Severe Accident” Lines qualification

Complete "Severe Accident" Lines (links and connectors) are qualified to ensure their function for 60 years, including in accident conditions following "Severe Accident".
Qualification lignes accident grave
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Electrical Penetrations installed in 150 nuclear power plants worldwide
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Conductive modules produced
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Cabinets installed in 30 nuclear power plants around the world
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Alarm cards created


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