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Electrical Penetration Assemblies for Containment Wall of Nuclear Power Plants

The Electrical Penetrations ensure the passage of all types of cables through the containment enclosure, maintaining the integrity of the seal in all cases of operation (normal or accidental) while simultaneously ensuring the continuity of the electrical circuits.

Connectique & Liaisons « Accident Grave »

Mirion IST France has developed special links, with mineral insulated cable as well as connectors and electrical crossing modules to ensure data transmission in case of a severe accident, due to the melting of the reactor core.

"Severe Accident" Thermocouples

Severe Accident Thermocouples are made directly in application from the Severe Accident Lines. They relate to particular applications such as: detection of tank rupture, operation control of hydrogen recombiners, and so on...

Alarm Cabinets

Any change in the state of a contact inside the reactor building is transformed into an audible and light signal following a standardized sequence. The signal is retransmitted to the control room and displayed on the control panel.

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Electrical Penetrations installed in 150 nuclear power plants worldwide
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Conductive modules produced
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Cabinets installed in 30 nuclear power plants around the world
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Alarm cards created


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